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Most of the people live with a dream of going to sail around the World on a liveaboard sailboat in Europe, the Pacific, caribbean ...
But the first month makes them realize that the sea is not a welcome place if they are not well prepared.
So don't let your dreams down for a lack of knowledge or preparation. Find the right liveaboard sailboat for sale which matches your program and prepare yourself properly.


Battery / solar / wind energy / windlass

BSB Chart / Technical

BSB Chart / splicing


How to maintain a sailboat

Sailboat Safety

MOB / liferaft / Take a reef

Grib Weather

Where to get Grib / Interpret chart


General maintenance / Troubleshouting

Dyneema Soft Shackle

When you're sailing and you need to attach a block, a soft shacle is really a quick and useful solution
They are light, strong and are not going to leave rust marks on your sail boat.

Dyneema block for 30 $

It's always an expensive item but useful and we always need one, so follow this video!!!
Now you know how to make one.
It's very affordable and it works for any size of sailboat.

Free chart viewer

If you loose your electronics in the middle of a long passage, you will be very happy to have a reliable plan B.
And, as you know this always happens in the middle of a storm in the night watch !!!

Overlap on a Winch

A overlapping line on a winch usually ends up jamming the line, and this always happens at the worst time.
This small video shows you an easy way to prevent this !!!

Get the grib

Geting accurate weather is something all sailors worry about. So find out the proper sources to get it.
Challenge yourself by reading the page about interpreting the gribs !!!

Take a mooring

Be able to take a mooring on solo handling or with your crew.
In one of the most easy way to do it  !!!

We will update sailing videos short and long passages also some technicals videos and different information including BSB charts, cruising guides, and listings of sailboats for sale.
Our goal is to keep you updated with the sailing market of both catamarans and monohulls. This web site will help your in your preparation to buy a boat, and give you some advise to improve your boating and sailing skills.

And we hope will help you determine which type of liveaboard sailboat will fit to your cruising plans..



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